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                  On November 30, 2001, Chemed Corporation ("Company")
announced that its Board of Directors approved a restructuring
plan that will result in an aftertax charge in the fourth quarter
of approximately $15 to $18 million.  Elements of the
restructuring plan include reducing corporate headquarters and
other personnel; exiting underperforming heating, ventilating,
and air-conditioning (HVAC) businesses and non-Roto-Rooter-
branded plumbing operations; restructuring the Company's long-
term debt arrangements and writing down nonperforming assets and


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                 99.1  Press release dated November 30, 2001.


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                                              CHEMED CORPORATION

Dated:   December 3, 2001                     BY:  Arthur V. Tucker, Jr.
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                                              Arthur V. Tucker, Jr.
                                              Vice President and Controller

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CONTACT:  Timothy S. O'Toole                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Chemed Corporation

                                       Chemed Announces Restructuring Plans;
                            to Take $15 Million to $18 Million Charge in Fourth Quarter

                  CINCINNATI, November 30, 2001--Chemed Corporation (NYSE:CHE)
(OTCBB:CHEQP) today announced that its Board of Directors has approved a
restructuring plan that will result in an aftertax charge in the fourth quarter of
approximately $15 million to $18 million.  Significantly, a majority of the charges are
noncash charges, and substantial savings are expected as a result of the
restructuring initiatives.
                  Among the major elements of the restructuring plan are the following:
                  .        Chemed will reduce corporate headquarters personnel, as well
                           as reduce its Board of Directors by two inside directors.
                  .        Chemed's flagship Roto-Rooter subsidiary will exit various
                           underperforming heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC)
                           businesses and non-Roto-Rooter-branded plumbing operations.
                           Divestment of these operations will enable management to focus
                           on the core Roto-Rooter plumbing and drain-cleaning businesses,
                           which it expects to expand through franchise acquisitions.

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                  .        Chemed's Service America major-appliance and HVAC service
                           subsidiary and Patient Care home-healthcare subsidiary will
                           reduce personnel and write down certain nonperforming assets
                           and intangibles.
                  .        Chemed's long-term debt will be restructured in order to take
                           advantage of current attractive interest rates.
Chemed will provide more details about these restructuring initiatives with its 2001
year-end results to be reported in February 2002.
                  Chemed Corporation (, headquartered in Cincinnati,
is a New York Stock Exchange-listed corporation with strategic positions in plumbing
and drain cleaning; residential appliance and air-conditioning repair; and home
healthcare services.
                  Statements in this press release or in other Chemed communications
may relate to future events or Chemed's future performance.  Such statements are
forward-looking statements and are based on present information Chemed has
related to its existing business circumstances.  Investors are cautioned that such
forward-looking statements are subject to inherent risk that actual results may differ
materially from such forward-looking statements.  Further, investors are cautioned
that Chemed does not assume any obligation to update forward-looking statements
based on unanticipated events or changed expectations.

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