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Employee Information

Chemed Employee Theft & Fraud Hotline:
1-833-624-0343 toll-free

Help Stop Fraud and Theft--
It's Completely Confidential

Chemed takes theft and accounting fraud seriously. Theft and fraud hurt all of us--our customers, employees, vendors, and shareholders. We urge you to speak up if you have information about theft or accounting fraud occurring in your company. Ideally, bring the situation to the attention of your boss, department head, or another appropriate person, including the Director of Internal Audit, or the Human Resources Department.

It's Anonymous--
No One Needs to Know You Called

If you feel uncomfortable talking directly to management, you can anonymously call the Chemed Employee Theft & Fraud Hotline: 1-833-624-0343. It's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's toll-free. And, it's completely confidential.

No one needs to know you called. The Hotline is operated by an independent third party, The Network. When you call the Hotline, a Network representative notes your concerns and any details you can provide, assigns a case reference number, and gives the information to Chemed. No one from Chemed or your employing location will call you--all contact goes through The Network. It's that simple. It's that confidential.

It's That Easy to Help Your Company Fight Theft & Fraud!